• First check High Nutrients procedure.
  • Only use quick dosing after the sandbed was cleaned and power filter  applied. Otherwise select “Normal”
  • Do not overdose.
  • Remove excess detritus from sandbed before dosing to prevent bacteria bloom.
  • Do not increase dosing at the same time with Fe supplements
  • When maximum dose is reached and no result is reached after 3 weeks, re-check High Nutrients procedure.
  • When using this table measure NO3 every 5 days during the first 15 day.
  • if NO3 target is reach, keep dosing steady.
  • if NO3 is too low decrease dosing until target is reached.
  • Keep baseline CarbonVS dosing and add NO3+ if necessary.
  • if water become cloudy, reduce or stop CarbonVS dosing and do a large water change to remove excess bacteria and nutrients. Resume CarbonVS dosing from  half dosing with a slower increase rate (i.e. increase dose every 3 day)

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